Ashley & Brent – Cedar Rapids, IA

Even though Ashley and Brent live out of state, I feel like I have been hanging out with them my whole life. I spent the evening before the wedding with them and their family at their rehearsal party, and with in the first hour of speaking with their family and friends I knew the next day was going to be fantastic.

To me this wedding was extraordinary. Ashley and Brent did not see each other before the ceremony and I have never seen a bride and groom so nervous, it was great!  After I left Ashley’s hair appointment I headed to the church to find the guys while Sara spent most of the time witnessing the laughter in the girls dressing room and capturing Ashley’s preparations.  The group of friends that this couple has surrounding them speaks alot about their character and how they treat other people. There is one moment that I will never forget.  During all of the chaos two young boys entered the room where the rest of the groomsmen where getting ready.  I could tell that Brent had a ton on his mind and that he was very nervous, but as soon as the young boys entered the room he stopped everything and gave them the warmest greeting along with a special present for each of them to open.  From the young boys perspective, being 9 to 12 years in age and entering a room full of grown men who you have never met, I think you would feel a little out of place. It was very touching to see Brent go out of his way to make them feel like they were as big a part of the day as everyone else. When they opened there gift Brent stood anxiously awaiting to see there reaction. I could only imagine what he is like on Christmas morning! The gift was a small Swiss army knife, one for each of the boys. I don’t know who was more excited, the boys or Brent. Life is made up of these small moments that make us who we are and I feel so lucky to be witness to such love and kindness.

There is so much more to write about I don’t even know where to begin so I will leave it like this…

What we do is so much larger then just show up to photograph a wedding. Your day was a fresh dose of real life without expectations and for me,  it was a privilege to be part of.

Thank you


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